Study Leave Guidance


This guidance sets out the study leave arrangements for postgraduate medical trainees who come under the remit of Health Education England, West Midlands (HEEWM). It applies to the financial year 2019/20 onwards.

Funding arrangements after April 2018:
Since April 2018, the study leave budget has been held centrally by HEE rather than being devolved to Trusts. The main uses of the study leave budget will be for educational development opportunities designed to gain competences defined in each curriculum. Please see link on page 3 for more detail and also examples below:
• Locally delivered teaching.
• Regional study days (including reasonable subsistence costs such as lunch and refreshments).
• Simulation training programmes.
• Other regionally commissioned internal courses which meet curriculum requirements, including leadership & management courses, train the trainer courses and advanced communication skills courses.
• External courses which are explicitly required by the relevant curriculum.
• External courses which are a cost-effective way of delivering parts of the relevant curriculum
• Life support courses (e.g. ALS, ATLS, APLS) when these are curriculum requirements. (Any mandatory/statutory training courses, including life support courses that are employment requirements and not curriculum requirements should be funded locally by the employing Trust).
• Other individual training needs required to meet the curriculum, as agreed in individual trainee’s PDPs.

Excluded Expenses
• Enrolment on to training programmes and payment for portfolio access.
• ALS and other life support courses which are not curriculum requirements.
• Statutory and mandatory training required by employers.
• Other employer-related leave.
• Bursaries for medical education courses unless they are curriculum requirements.
• Fellowships (e.g. simulation fellows).
• Professional examination fees at any point of training.
• Courses for specialty examinations during Foundation Programme.
• Interview Leave.

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Reimbursement of Expenses

Expenses can only be claimed after you have attended the approved Study Leave event.    

You will need to submit your expense claim using the ‘Study Leave Expenses Claim Form’, along with all receipts and a copy of your attendance certificate, to the HGS Study Leave Coordinators (contact details shown below).

Claims must be submitted within 2 months of course attendance.   

Study Leave Co-ordinators

Angie Bird -  Ext 42167   - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Lorraine Darby - Ex 40176 - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

All enquiries regarding Study Leave please contact [email protected]




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