Consultant Study Leave

Study Leave includes:

  • study (usually, but not exclusively on a course or programme)
  • research,
  • taking exams,
  • visiting clinics
  • attending professional conferences
  • training

Professional Leave includes:

  • Acting as a member of an external Advisory Appointment Committee
  • Working for the Royal Colleges in the interests of the wider NHS
  • Advisory work for a government department
  • Specified work for the GMC/GDC
  • Lecturing and/or chairing a session at a conference
  • Presenting a paper at a Conference
  • Undertaking Inspections eg: Care Quality Commission

Procedure for Study Leave Documentation

Professional Leave Form

Study Leave Form

Study Leave Co-ordinators

Angie Bird -  Ext 42167   - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Lorraine Darby - Ex 40176 - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

All enquiries regarding Study Leave please contact [email protected]