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Latest Update 23/03/2020


** Email sent on behalf of Dr Ola Erinfolami – Head of Postgraduate Medical Education (HEE) **


Dear Trainees,

Following my previous email sent out on 17th March 2020, with very few exceptions, trainees will not be rotating from their current posts on Wednesday 1st April 2020.


Foundation Trainees (Civilian)

For Foundation Trainees, this will apply to those currently in pure academic posts (FY2), Pathology Specialties, Public Health, some GP rotations and some Psychiatry rotations. The guiding principle is that the trainees will be rotated back into previous immediate Specialty or the one before that (depending on the Specialty involved). This is to ensure that the trainee does not require clinical induction into that specialty. Please note that trainees will not be sent back to previous Trust; for example, an F2 at Heartlands rotated back into R3 at F1 which was in Coventry will not be sent back to Coventry.      The individuals concerned will be emailed separately.


Foundation Trainees (Military)

Military rotations commencing April 1st have been implemented directly by the Military Dean (and Associate Dean) and this will be communicated to all Military Foundation Trainees today.


Core and Higher Specialty Trainees

Academic Trainees will be rotated back into Clinical Specialties, along the same principle as Foundation Trainees; these trainees will be contacted by the respective College Tutors  and Academic Leads

For training and other issues, some Core and Higher Specialty Trainees may be rotated by Head of School (HOS)/Training Programme Directors (TPD); these trainees will be contacted by the respective College Tutors  

Trainees returning from time off (for whatever reasons, including maternity); rotation placement will be individualised. If the PGME team or respective FPD/College Tutor has not contacted you, please inform Samantha Membury via the PGME team ([email protected]) and your FPD/College Tutor immediately.



ARCP process is undoubtedly going to be different this year and the latest guidance might be have been sent to you directly by HEE, but a copy is hereby attached.



The Medical Director (Dr Simon Ball) and myself (with some DMDs, Senior Nurse, Infection Control) went round each of our Hospitals last week, and one of the issues discussed was the difference between rotation and redeployment. May I take this opportunity to emphasise that this email is about rotations which is distinct from any possible redeployment which will be guided by the progression of Covid-19 and clinical need. The redeployment process will be coordinated within the Trust in response to need and will be the subject of urgent action as appropriate. You will receive further guidance and information about this as required from the senior clinical managers.


Finally, may I take this information to reiterate how important it is for all of us to look after another in these difficult times.

Kind Regards





Dr. Ola Erinfolami

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Head of Post Graduate Medical Education (HEE)


Tel (ED): +44 (0) 121 424 0797  (Sec - Yasmin Hafeez)

Tel (PGME): +44(0) 121 424 3041 (Sec - Savanna Rai)

Mobile (Trust): +44 (0) 779560272

Email:  [email protected]





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