Medicine Step Up Module

Nursing & Midwifery
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Overall Aim: 


The aim of this course is both to demonstrate enhanced knowledge and skills in the safe administration of medicines.

This course is a self enrol e-learning package which can be accessed via MOODLE.




Practitioners are responsible for ensuring quality and safety through enhanced knowledge and skills in the administration of all medicines. This module acts as a step-up in knowledge of medicines management following achievement of clinical competencies. It fulfils education standards and expectations of the Trusts key priorities through the Trust Medicine Policy, Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Standard for Medicines Management, The Code and National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) alerts. As such it is at the cutting edge of practice development.

The module is to enable Registered Nurses and midwives to acquire advanced knowledge in relation to the administration of medicines.

Allied Health Professionals are able to access this module on the advice and support of their Managers.


Learning Outcomes: 


1. Demonstrate knowledge and adherence to legal & professional accountability and responsibility in the administration of medicines in accordance with the Trust Policies, Core Competency, Professional Guidelines and National legislations.

2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in anaphylaxis or provide documentary evidence that Anaphylaxis training has been updated within the last 12 months.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of pharmaceutical aspects of medicines administration i.e. PGD’s TTO’s, Controlled Drugs, Medicine storage, covert and self – administration, reporting and managing a medicine incident and drug calculation skills relating to Trust Policy.

4. Demonstrate knowledge and skills of administering oxygen therapy in accordance with Trust Policy and guidelines.

5. Demonstrate knowledge and skills (in the management of medicines) for People with Diabetes Mellitus in accordance with Trust Policy/guidelines and National guidelines’.

6. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in pain management in accordance with Trust Policy/guidelines and National guidelines’.




1. Online Self- assessment quiz – which is a single assessment and full completion of the module will be obtained following the completion of the summative assessment quiz requiring a 100% pass, in which, there will be as many attempts allowed in order to achieve 100%.




Registered Nurses and Midwives.




Approx 7 ½ hours.




Practitioners should have fully completed the Trust Medicines Administration Core Competency. This course is suitable for any Registered Nurse or Midwife who feels that they need to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills around medicines administration or who require a refresher/update. It is particularly useful for all Registered Nurses or Midwives who have been absent from work for a period of time. Managers can access this course for any Registered Nurse or Midwife as part of their professional development needs.

Allied Health Professionals are able to access this course as part of an extended role with agreed Managers support.

Course administrator - Teresa Walton  [email protected] 

Telephone: (0121 42) 44193

Course lead -  Janet Bolton [email protected]


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This is a self enrolled course, to access this course use the following link;


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