Pressure Ulcer Grading 2017

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2017 NEW for HCA’s  Pressure ulcer grading 2017

This module is now open, you can self-enrol onto the module. The module is by E-learning on Moodle.


Welcome to this learning unit the aim of which is to ensure Nurses and Health Care Assistants have the fundamental knowledge to deliver safe care to patients who are either at risk of developing pressure ulcers or those patients who have an existing pressure ulcer.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

Having completed this learning it is expected that you will be able to:


  • What is a pressure ulcer?
  • What causes a pressure ulcer?
  • What is the grading system used at theTrust?


  • The severity of the ulcer using the grading system.
  • The new grades introduced from 3rd April 2017 for ‘ungradeable’ and a ‘suspected deep tissue injury’.
  • Identify other types of tissue lesions

The module content covers the following areas of learning: What is a pressure ulcer and how is it caused?; Pressure ulcers grades defined; Areas vulnerable to pressure damage; Other lesions.

Assessment is by a quiz of 10 questions where you 100% to pass. Fully resourced for best current practice.

‘Pressure ulcer grading 2017’


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